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Guatemala and Honduras

From March to May of 2010, I am living in San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala

Front porch of the volunteer house The municipal water often runs out, so we have a reserve tank This is where we do laundry
Mosquito larvae in standing water On the farm, water is boiled to sanitize the soil in which coffee seeds will be planted These coffee seedlings will soon be ready for planting in the mountains
Lake Atitlán, on an open-air relief map in a Guatemala City park Lake Atitlán, viewed from above the tree-line of Volcano Atitlán Mariachi band playing at the volunteer house
On Good Friday, an alfombra is constructed out of sawdust on the church plaza The Good Friday procession leaves the church The sawdust gets cleaned up after the procession
Holy Week decorations hung over the streets American volunteers also bring some colorful traditions Church dome in San Lucas
Main plaza in the capital city Presidential palace Inside the presidential palace, this monument marks the spot where the peace accords of 1996 were signed
Sophos is an upscale bookstore in one of the capital city's wealthier neighborhoods Clouds, from a hotel balcony in Chichicastenango The road to Santa Cruz del Quiché, as viewed from a hotel balcony
Copán, one of the great ancient Mayan cities These macaws loiter around the entrance to Copán Atop the acropolis in Copán
The stelae of Copán are incredibly well preserved Another sculpture in Copán Ancient Mayan architecture
These steps have seen better days The basilica of Esquipulas attracts many Guatemalan pilgrims Mexico City during my layover; amazingly, the sky really was that blue