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Guatemala March 2008

Service trip to San Lucas Toliman Mission in the mountains of Central America

On the road, heading from Guatemala City to the mountains Water is being sold at the roadside The best way to see the countryside is from the back of a pickup truck
View of the town and mission from a trail in the mountains Hiking up a mountain Small cornpatch perched on a ledge and accessible only by foot
We just finished unloading blocks off a truck, and the Mayans are eager to help move them to their final destinations Carrying blocks to the houses A new stove is under construction
Example of a finished stove Mayan children Soccer game in the street
Coffee beans set out to dry A long-term volunteer teaches us about coffee Banquet at a lakeside restaurant
Tuesday Market Proud new coconut owners Holy Tuesday procession
Communal washing site...a luxury, compared to using the lake Backstrap weaving Mariachi band in the hotel garden
An alfombra is under construction in front of the mission The Good Friday procession is just starting out and will go on until hours after dark, traversing one alfombra after another Another alfombra
Cleaning time at the Mission Santiago Atitlán The logos are hand-painted onto the wall Three-wheeled taxi in front of a bakery
Typical Mayan house Expressions of gratitude for Saint Hermano Pedro A former U.S. schoolbus in the Spanish colonial town of Antigua