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Italy February 2004

Trip to Rome, Naples, Amalfi, Pompei, Capri, Florence, Assisi, and Pisa in February 2004.

Il colosseo Ruins at the Roman Forum On the Palatine Hill
Ruins at the Roman Forum The dome of the Pantheon. It is the only domed structure in Rome remaining intact from ancient times. In the neighborhood of Trastevere
A house along Via Appia, the ancient road leading from Rome southward Basilica San Pietro Mass at San Pietro. The Pope is sitting at the top of the steps, in the red cloak.
Castello Maschio Angioino in Naples Coast of Amalfi Courtyard of a Roman home in Pompei
Inside a Roman shop. The holes in the counter would have been filled with fruits, vegetables, etc. Courtyard of a Roman home Street in Pompei and the volcano Vesuvius that destroyed the city in 79 A.D. Notice the stepping stones the Romans used to cross the street.
Ruins and the Vesuvius Roman statue in the temple of Apollo Anfiteatro
Inside the Grotta Azzurra on the island of Capri. The cave is open below the water line and mostly closed above the surface. The main source of sunlight is through the water, so it appears very blue. View from a mountain on Capri Island of Ischia, as viewed from the ferry crossing between Capri and Naples
Ponte Vecchio in Florence. All of the stores on the bridge sell gold/jewelery. Cathedral of Florence Inside the Old Sacristy of the Basilica of San Lorenzo
Cathedral of San Francesco of Assisi Convent of San Francesco Chapel in Assisi
Street in Assisi Door in Assisi Baptistry, Cathedral, and Leaning Tower of Pisa