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GPIB to TCP/IP Gateway

Ever since working at Agilent I have been interested in using programmable test equipment to automate electronics testing. Many instruments, however, only have GPIB or Serial interfaces, so the user is restricted to a hardware platform and development environment which supports those legacy interfaces. I wrote a program to share the GPIB card and serial ports over a network, so now it's possible to control test equipment from any machine and development environment that supports network socket programming.

The server application is intended to be used on Linux with National Instruments' GPIB drivers. If you only need serial instrument support, the server should run fine on Mac OS X or *BSD as well.

Although the code works reliably, it is not quite ready for release due to lack of documentation. I am posting everything below, but if you want to use it you're on your own. I have commented the code and configuration files extensively, so it shouldn't be too hard. You can certainly email me with questions about the code, but please keep in mind that I don't have time to answer such questions as "How do I install GPIB drivers for Linux?".

GPIB to TCP/IP Gateway for Linux
GPIB Client Interface for Perl (documentation inline)
GPIB Client Interface for Java (Runnable .jar file)
GPIB Client Interface for Java (Source code)

GPIB Interactive Control written in Java