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TCP/UDP Debugging Tools

TCP/UDP Debugging Tools

Ever since I started writing network applications, I have struggled to debug them. A client/server application presents somewhat of a chicken and egg problem because it's impossible to debug the client without first having a functional server and vice versa. I created a set of debugging tools in Java to assist a developer in interacting with a network application.

To run the tools, download the executables. .JAR files can be run on most platforms by typing "java -jar <filename.jar>" at a command prompt. The source code is available as an Eclipse project. Please note that this was my first project in Java, so the user interface is a bit awkward. The Windows executable requires you to also download the the .JAR file and place it in the same directory.

  Source Code Executable .JAR File Windows Executable
(Requires .JAR File)
TCP Debugging Tool Download Download Download
UDP Debugging Tool Download Download Download